• Installation and maintenance of automobile hub bearings


    Automobile hub bearings pay attention to the early warning signal of bearing wear: including any friction noise during rotation or abnormal deceleration of the suspension combination wheel when turnin...

  • How do you judge the deformation of the hub


    1. See if the steering wheel shakes We can't see the slight deformation with the naked eye, and we can't see the same deformation on the inside of the hub. At this time, if you drive fast and the stee...

  • Wheel bearing judges good or bad


    With the improvement of car comfort, more and more people complain about the abnormal noise of cars. How to quickly locate the source of abnormal noise from many noise sources and eliminate the abnorm...

  • Considerations when choosing bearing type


    1. Bearing load The size, direction and nature of the load on the bearing are the main basis for selecting the bearing type. When selecting the type of bearing according to the size of the load, becau...

  • Analysis of Bearing Failure and Causes of Shaft Current


    According to the bearing failure phenomenon, the main reason for the rapid failure of the motor bearing is analyzed, which may be caused by the shaft current. After on-site measurement, it is indeed f...

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