What is a water-cooled bearing seat


  How to solve the clicking sound of computer wate […]


How to solve the clicking sound of computer water-cooled DDC pump? Only at certain angles there is no rattling. It is not the sound of high-frequency current, nor the sound of motors and water.


Solution 1: If it is the first case, remove the water pump, disassemble the motor, check whether there is any debris in the motor, clean up the debris, and apply some lubricating oil on it.



Solution 2: If the guide seat of the waterwheel is broken, you need to use your hands-on ability. Take the water wheel off, fill it with water glue, put the water wheel back on, and put butter on it, or there is no good way. (In fact, this problem is generally because your water cooling has no filter, there are impurities in the water, it is easy to remove the bearing, and the bearing is damaged.)


Solution 3: If the blades of the water wheel are broken, you can only change the blades of the water wheel, not by yourself.


Suggestion: If you want to install a new water cooling system, it is best to clean it first, then buy a water pump and clean it. If you have trouble, you can use a needle to make a two-way connection, and then stuff it to the surface. The diameter must be determined. To be big, you can easily buy reducers in the hardware market. With two variable diameters and two air clips, as long as there are impurities in the future, they will fall on the sponge, which is also easy to clean and prevent damage to the motor or fan blades during water circulation.

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