Fits of angular contact ball bearings


  When rolling bearings cooperate with shafts and […]


When rolling bearings cooperate with shafts and bearing housings, they must be positioned and fixed according to different requirements in three directions: radial/axial and axial (tangential). The axial positioning of the bearing is usually realized by nuts, shaft shoulders, end covers, spacers, circlips, and end faces of adjacent parts. The radial and axial positioning of the bearing is generally completed by the inner diameter of the bearing and the shaft, and the outer diameter and the inner hole of the bearing.



For high-speed precision spindle bearings, in order to ensure their good dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy, excessive interference fit should be avoided to prevent ring deformation due to large interference and loss of bearing accuracy.


On the other hand, for high-speed bearings with a dmn value greater than 1.0X10 6mm.r/min, if the inner ring and the shaft are not properly matched, when the bearing rotates at high speed, the inner ring will expand outward due to the action of centrifugal force, causing the inner ring to be in contact with the shaft. The increased gap between the shafts may cause creep, friction, wear, etc. between the inner ring and the mating shaft. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the matching condition of high-speed precision spindle bearings.

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