• Inspection and maintenance of automobile hub bearings


    1. When checking the tightness of the hub bearing, first put up the axle of the wheel at one end of the inspected hub of the car, and use the support bench, car cover and other tools to safely frame t...

  • Why automotive wheel bearings are so durable


    Automobile tire bearings because most of the wheel bearings used in small passenger cars currently use sealed double-row angular contact bearings.These bearings are filled with grease to ensure the li...

  • How are automotive wheel bearings produced


    1. Deep groove ball bearings for automotive hub bearings Deep groove ball bearings have a simple structure and are easy to use. They are a type of bearing with a large production volume and a wide ran...

  • What happens if the car hub bearing is damaged.


    When one of the four wheel bearings of the vehicle is damaged, you will hear a continuous buzzing sound in the car while the car is running. This sound can't tell where it is coming from, and it feels...

  • The role of automotive wheel bearings.


    The main function of the hub bearing is to support the load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. It is a very important component that bears both axial and radial loads. The tradi...

  • SKF imported bearings common problems


    1. Requirements for installation surface and installation environment If foreign materials such as iron filings, burrs, dust, etc. enter the SKF bearing, the SKF bearing will generate noise and vibrat...

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