Introduction of SKF import bearing use process does not damage the life of the aspects


SKF bearings are a kind of central nervous situation in […]

SKF bearings are a kind of central nervous situation in the operation of the dull board, they work night and day, do not stop moving forward, as if it is the legendary perpetual motion machine. Perpetual motion machine, simply does not exist, a thing always has its life cycle, has its own life. This is a fact that has to be accepted, we can only think of every way to increase its life. In order to guarantee the dynamic balance of the transmission SKF import bearings, should be every time over the fine balance weld piece whether off welding. New driveshaft assembly is provided with the package, in the new driveshaft loading should be over the fine expansion sleeve device mark, should ensure that the flange fork in a plane. In the repair and disassembly of the drive shaft, should be in the expansion sleeve and the flange shaft print device mark, in order to re-installation to link the original device stem stable.

1.SKF bearing cleaning
Disassemble the imported bearing maintenance, first record the appearance of SKF bearing, confirm the lubricant residue, after sampling the lubricant for inspection, wash the bearing. As a cleaning agent, the general use of gasoline, kerosene.

The cleaning of the dismantled bearing, divided into coarse cleaning and fine and fine washing, respectively, in the container, first put on the metal of the net pad bottom, so that SKF import bearings do not directly contact the container of dirt. Coarse cleaning, if the bearing with dirt rotation, will damage the bearing rolling surface, should be noted. In the rough cleaning oil, use the brush to remove to grease, adhesion, roughly clean, move to the fine cleaning.

Fine cleaning, is the bearing in the cleaning oil while rotating, while carefully clean. In addition, the cleaning oil should be kept clean frequently.



2. Bearing maintenance
In order to judge whether the disassembled SKF bearings can be used again, to check the SKF bearings after washing, carefully check the raceway surface, rolling surface, the state of the mating surface, the wear of the cage, the increase of bearing clearance and any damage and abnormality about the decrease of dimensional accuracy. Non-separate small ball SKF bearings, then use one hand to support the inner ring level, rotate the outer ring to confirm whether smooth.

Tapered roller bearings and other separate-shaped imported bearings, you can roll the body, outer ring of the raceway surface are checked.

Large bearings can not be rotated by hand, pay attention to check the rolling body, raceway, keep frame, retaining surface and other appearance, the higher the importance of SKF imported bearings must be carefully checked.


3. Whether the bearing is damaged judgment criteria
The judgment of whether the bearing can be used again, is to consider the degree of damage, mechanical properties, importance, operating conditions, to the next maintenance period and decide.

 (a) inner ring, outer ring, rolling body, cage on any one of the cracks or chips;

 (b) ring, rolling body on any one of the fracture;

 (c)There is a significant jam on the raceway surface, retaining edge, rolling body;

 (d) Cage wear significantly, or rivet significant slack;

 (e)Rust and injury on the raceway surface and rolling body;

 (f)There are serious indentation and scoring on the raceway surface and rolling body;

 (g) inner ring inner diameter surface or outer ring outer diameter surface has obvious creep;

 (h) discoloration caused by heat is obvious;

 (i) seal into the grease SKF bearings, seals or dust caps breakage is obvious.

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