• Selection and Precautions of Ceramic Ball Bearings


    At present, the most widely used high-speed spindle bearings are still hybrid ceramic ball bearings, that is, the rolling elements use hot-pressed or hot-isostatically-pressed Si3N4 ceramic balls, and...

  • Introduction to the diagnosis of eccentric bearings


    In order to make the rolling eccentric bearing have the performance and maintain long-term use under good conditions, the eccentric bearing must be inspected and maintained. Such inspection and mainte...

  • Causes and Prevention Methods of Eccentric Bearing Corrosion


    Eccentric bearing corrosion is caused by various internal and external factors, which can be summarized as follows: 1. Metal surface finish (battery corrosion due to oxygen concentration difference). ...

  • Measuring method of residual magnetism of rolling bearing


    1. The residual magnetic measurement adopts the Hall effect principle. The measuring instrument must have a range of 1mT and an accuracy of plus or minus 3%. The size of the Hall element equipped with...

  • Introduce the principle of plane thrust bearing


    The plane thrust bearing mainly bears the axial load in the assembly, and it is widely used. Although the installation operation of the thrust bearing is relatively simple, there are still mistakes in...

  • Oil tank of bearings


    The oil groove of bearings is mainly used together with grease lubrication to replace lip seals, especially in environments where a lot of dust is encountered. This type of seal typically has several ...

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