• Improper cleaning of bearings can lead to bearing burns


    The so-called cleanliness test is a test method to separate the impurities in the rolling bearing and determine the degree of pollution by certain means. The current cleanliness testing methods includ...

  • Precautions for wear and tear of linear bearings during work


    The size of the working clearance will directly affect its working performance and service life. The working clearance is subject to centrifugal force. Manufacturers and users usually manufacture and ...

  • Bearing noise-can replacing the bearing solve the problem


    1. When the bearing is replaced, the noise of the motor bearing is alleviated. Is this situation necessarily attributed to the bearing? 2. If it is a bearing problem, why some bearings are replaced wi...

  • How to prevent bearing rust?


    What are the main factors affecting metal corrosion Metal corrosion is caused by various internal and external factors, which can be summarized as follows: 1. The chemical composition and structure of...

  • Machine spindle common rolling bearings and characteristics


    1. Deep groove ball bearing This type of bearing is generally only used to withstand radial loads, which is often used for accuracy requirements, no preload, such as ordinary drilling machine spindles...

  • Bearing rust prevention management between processes


    Metal is often exposed to dust, moisture, acid mist and other atmospheric environments during processing and will rust. After heat treatment, the residual salt is not cleaned, the acid cleaning and ac...

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