Measuring method of residual magnetism of rolling bearing


1. The residual magnetic measurement adopts the Hall ef […]

1. The residual magnetic measurement adopts the Hall effect principle. The measuring instrument must have a range of 1mT and an accuracy of plus or minus 3%. The size of the Hall element equipped with the instrument is 4*2*0.2 cubic meters, and the distance between the Hall element plane and the measured surface is plus or minus 0.05mm.


2. For radial ball bearings, the measurement parts are the two end faces and the chamfer. When measuring, take the maximum reading obtained as the residual magnetic value of the bearing.


3. For cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, helical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and thrust roller bearings, the separable parts should be separated and measured separately. In addition to the end faces and chamfers of the inner and outer rings (or seat and shaft washer), the exposed parts of the rolling elements should also be measured at the measurement parts. The measurement was performed after exposing the site.


4. For spherical roller bearings, when measuring both end faces and chamfers, refer to the provisions of Article 5.2. When measuring the rolling elements, the radial planes of the inner and outer rings should be at 90 degrees to each other. The measurement method of rolling elements shall be in accordance with the provisions on the measurement of rolling elements in 5.3.



5. For thrust ball bearings, the separable washers should be separated and measured. The measurement parts are the seat, the end face of the shaft washer and the chamfer. For the measurement method of the inseparable type in this type of bearing, follow the provisions of 5.2.


6. When measuring the residual magnetism of the bearing end face, the probe is perpendicular to the position of the bearing end face. When measuring the bearing chamfer and the residual magnetism of the rolling element, the probe can be tilted appropriately, but the inclination angle is not more than 45 degrees.


7. When the residual magnetism on the bearing ring or rolling element is close to the specified value, the end face of the bearing should be placed in a flat position, and then the disposal should be measured in the east-west direction to reduce the influence of the geomagnetic field.


8. It is not allowed to measure on a magnetic conductive workbench and in an environmental magnetic field greater than the strength of the earth's magnetic field.


9. The distribution of residual magnetism on the bearing is random. When measuring, the measurement position of the probe on the bearing cannot be preset. The movement of the probe shall be such that it can reach any part to be measured on the bearing. The measurement method of the fixed probe shall not be applicable to this standard.

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