• Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of gas lubrication bearings


    The so-called gas-lubricated bearing refers to the interactive bearing that uses gas lubricant for lubrication. Our common gas lubricant is air. In use, the mechanism of the gas-lubricated bearing to ...

  • Methods of bearing rust prevention


    1. Surface cleaning: cleaning must be based on the nature of the surface of the rust-prevented object and the prevailing conditions, and an appropriate method must be selected. Commonly used are solve...

  • Common cause of camshaft and bearing wear


    1. Cam shaft heat treatment hardness is not enough, or the galgoidal rocker R30 arc surface has a chrome-plated hardness exceeds the camshaft hardness (very easy to wear when the oil is missing), so t...

  • Common causes of faults in motor bearings


    1. The quality of the bearing itself The bearing has problems before unpacking and assembly, such as loose cage rivets, cage deformation and bumps, scratches on the rollers or raceways, and even the b...

  • Control measures to reduce bearing failure


    1. Check the new bearings one by one The company uses new bearing shafts instead of overhauled bearings. There are not many quality problems in the bearings themselves, but they cannot be ruled out. T...

  • Proportion of bearing failure forms


    In the course of bearing use, there are many types of failure modes. Looking at the overall situation, the failure modes of the bearing can be divided into four types: improper assembly, improper lubr...

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