• Oil tank of bearings


    The oil groove of bearings is mainly used together with grease lubrication to replace lip seals, especially in environments where a lot of dust is encountered. This type of seal typically has several ...

  • Introduce the selection of bearing clearance


    The so-called bearing clearance refers to the amount of movement when the inner ring or outer ring of the bearing is fixed when it is not installed on the shaft or bearing housing, and then the unfixe...

  • Commonly used configuration of rolling mill bearings


    (1) Spherical roller bearings. The configuration of early rolling mill bearings on the rolling mill was different from that of today. At that time, two sets of spherical roller bearings were mainly in...

  • Why are high-speed motor bearings rusted?


    When using high-speed motor bearings, corrosion will occur, and many users have become accustomed to it. However, if you can understand the cause of corrosion, it may reduce the probability of bearing...

  • The use of ultra-low temperature bearing lubricants requires strict adherence to relevant guidelines


    When the ultra-low temperature bearing is running, lubricant is a necessary additive, which has nothing to do with the bearing type. Moreover, there are strict rules of use that need to be followed fo...

  • Common basic causes of ultra-low temperature bearing damage


    Inappropriate lubricants for ultra-low temperature bearings, excessive load, excessive preload, excessive interference, metal powder and other foreign matter bite, etc. will cause damage to the bearin...

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