• Control measures to reduce bearing failure


    1. Check the new bearings one by one The company uses new bearing shafts instead of overhauled bearings. There are not many quality problems in the bearings themselves, but they cannot be ruled out. T...

  • Proportion of bearing failure forms


    In the course of bearing use, there are many types of failure modes. Looking at the overall situation, the failure modes of the bearing can be divided into four types: improper assembly, improper lubr...

  • Causes of sliding bearing holding shaft


    Here is an example of a flat grinding head spindle adopting a spindle bearing structure with one end sliding and one end rolling. Among them, there are three kinds of friction states between the slidi...

  • Selection and use of INA bearings


    1. Selection of INA bearing model: INA bearing model is generally selected by the user's technical personnel according to the use conditions and load bearing of the supporting product. The business pe...

  • SKF rolling bearing cleaning does not cause burn problems


    The so-called cleaning test is to separate the impurities in the rolling bearing and measure the test method of the rolling bearing by a certain means. The current cleanliness detection method has the...

  • So what factors affect the fatigue life of bearing steel?


    1. The influence of nitride on fatigue life Some scholars have pointed out that the volume fraction of nitrides in steel decreases because of the decrease in the average size of inclusions in steel. D...

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