• What happens if the car hub bearing is damaged.


    When one of the four wheel bearings of the vehicle is damaged, you will hear a continuous buzzing sound in the car while the car is running. This sound can't tell where it is coming from, and it feels...

  • The role of automotive wheel bearings.


    The main function of the hub bearing is to support the load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. It is a very important component that bears both axial and radial loads. The tradi...

  • SKF imported bearings common problems


    1. Requirements for installation surface and installation environment If foreign materials such as iron filings, burrs, dust, etc. enter the SKF bearing, the SKF bearing will generate noise and vibrat...

  • Automotive clutch release bearing


    The clutch release bearing is a thrust bearing. Its function is to move the pressure plate or drive plate that is under the thrust of the spring in the direction of the clutch housing when the clutch ...

  • Proper lubrication increases bearing life


    Bearing lubrication is also an important part of bearing components. The choice of lubrication method and lubricant directly affects the life of the bearing. According to different conditions of use, ...

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