What happens if the car hub bearing is damaged.


When one of the four wheel bearings of the vehicle is d […]

When one of the four wheel bearings of the vehicle is damaged, you will hear a continuous buzzing sound in the car while the car is running. This sound can't tell where it is coming from, and it feels that the entire car is in the car. Full of this buzz, and the faster the speed, the louder the sound. The following is the judgment method:
Method 1: Open the car window and listen to whether the sound comes from outside the car;

Method 2: After increasing the vehicle speed (when the hum is large), set the gear to neutral to let the vehicle slide. Observe whether the noise comes from the engine. If the hum does not change when the vehicle is in neutral, it is probably the wheel bearing problem;

Method 3: Temporarily stop, get off and check whether the temperature of the wheel axle is normal. The method is: touch the four hubs with your hands to roughly feel whether they are the same temperature (when the brake shoe and blade clearance are normal, the temperature of the front and rear wheels is If there is a gap, the front wheels should be higher), if you feel the difference is not big, you can continue to drive slowly to the depot;


Method 4: Use the elevator to lift the car (the handbrake was released and the neutral gear was released before). When there is no elevator, the wheels can be lifted one by one with jacks. The manpower rotates the four wheels quickly. When it encounters a problem with the axle, it will issue The sound is completely different from other axles. Using this method, it is easy to tell which axle is faulty.
If the hub bearing is seriously damaged, there are cracks, pits or ablation on it, and it must be replaced. Apply grease before installing a new bearing, and then install it in the reverse order. The replaced bearing must rotate flexibly and free from clutter and vibration

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