• Repair skills of sliding bearings


    Sliding bearing refers to a bearing that works under sliding friction. Sliding bearings work smoothly, reliably and without noise. It is generally used in low-speed and heavy-load conditions, or in op...

  • What are the effects of ineffective lubrication of bearings


    Some bearings do not need to be lubricated during use. This is called oil-free lubricated bearings, and many bearings need to be lubricated and maintained during use, and it is also very important whe...

  • Amount of grease for bearing grease


    1. The effect of grease injection on the use of bearings For sealed bearings, appropriate grease has been filled during production; for open bearings, although a sealing device is provided to prevent ...

  • Common quality problems and causes of bearing ring surface


    The bearing ring raceway is the workpiece surface of the bearing, and its quality will directly affect the working performance and service life of the bearing. In the process of use, we will often fin...

  • How to analyze bearing problems through the sound of the bearing


    A sound detector is used to check the size and sound quality of the rolling sound of the running bearing. Even if the bearing has slight peeling and other damage, it will emit abnormal sound and irreg...

  • What is the cause of the falling off of the needle roller bearing surface?


    Part of the bearing dynamic surface material falls off like fish scales, a phenomenon called fatigue spalling. During the operation of the dynamic bearing, it is subjected to a certain load, even if i...

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