Introduction to the lubrication of high temperature and high speed bearings


Bearing lubrication is essential for bearing maintenanc […]

Bearing lubrication is essential for bearing maintenance and life extension. Based on years of bearing inventory maintenance experience, we will introduce the lubrication of bearings under high temperature and special working environments. CaidonMC20 high temperature and high speed bearing grease: high temperature thickener thickens synthetic oil and adds multi-effect additives.



Performance characteristics:
A's extremely high temperature bearing capacity and high-speed shear resistance enable it to cope well in high-temperature and high-speed environments.

B Excellent high and low temperature resistance, lubricity, good colloidal stability and mechanical stability.

The operating temperature range of C is -40~230℃, and it can reach 250℃ in a short time.

D is suitable for mechanical use that requires noise reduction or extremely harsh use environment, and is also suitable for lubrication of high temperature parts.

E is highly water-resistant, can withstand water washout, and maintains hardness over a wide temperature range. Excellent anti-oxidation performance, good anti-wear performance, so that the service life is extremely long, the service life is 5-10 times that of lithium-based grease.

F is suitable for lubrication of precision bearings, motor bearings and miniature bearings in high and low temperature environments.

G is suitable for lubrication of various high-speed bearings, high-speed and long-life gyro motors, high-speed grinders and other high-speed instruments and mechanical bearings.

H has a smooth structure, fine fibers, and high cleanliness, which can suppress the abnormal sound of the bearing during operation and meet the long-term operation requirements of high-speed bearings with a DN value of more than 500,000.

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