What causes surface defects of precision bearings


  In the process of precision bearing processing, […]


In the process of precision bearing processing, it is often necessary to use grinding to process the surface of the product, but due to the influence of various factors, the bearing surface will show various defects, in addition to directly affecting the appearance quality of the bearing, It will even affect its performance. What is the cause of bearing surface defects?


The grinding of bearings is usually done with high-speed rotating grinding wheels, so if the grinding wheel is not properly dressed, improperly operated, or poor bearing material, it may cause surface defects in the bearing, which will affect the overall quality of the precision bearing. There are also many manifestations of defects, such as the concave and convex appearance caused by the poor straightness of the busbar of the grinding wheel; and there are some spiral lines, which is related to?


There are many factors related to the helix of the bearing surface, including poor dressing of the grinding wheel; excessive lubricating oil for the guide rail of the workbench; excessive grinding pressure and so on. Therefore, if you want to overcome such defects, the above aspects must be strictly controlled, so that the precision bearings can reach qualified quality.

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