Installation method of angular contact ball bearing


The method of angular contact ball bearings is much mor […]

The method of angular contact ball bearings is much more complicated than installing deep groove ball bearings. Generally, it is necessary to use preload when installing in pairs. If installed well, it can improve the working life of the main engine of the bearing. Otherwise, not only will it fail to meet the needs of the work, but also the lifespan will be greatly affected. Generally speaking, there are three types of bearing installation forms, namely face-to-face, back-to-back and series arrangement. So what are the characteristics and advantages of each of these three forms?


In the angular contact ball bearing using the wide end faces of the two bearings, during the relative installation process, the contact angle line is spread along the direction of the rotation axis, which can increase the support angle between the axial and radial directions. The rigidity makes the bearing's resistance to denaturation reach a relatively large range. In the process of installing the narrow end faces of the two bearings relative to each other, the contact angle line of the bearing will converge towards the direction of the rotation axis, while the height of the other angled lines will be relatively small, because the inner ring of the bearing will protrude outside the ring. , so when the outer rings of the two bearings are pressed together, the original gap between the outer rings disappears, thereby increasing the preload of the bearing.



In addition, in the process of installing angular contact ball bearings in series, since the contact angle lines are bidirectional and parallel, two different bearings can respectively bear the working load from the same direction. And when this installation method is used, in order to improve the stability of the direction during the installation process, two pairs of bearings arranged in series need to be installed facing each other at both ends of the shaft.


In addition, one parameter to pay attention to during the installation process is the acquisition of preload. Preloading can be done by grinding the end face of a ring in the bearing, or using two spacers of different thicknesses between the inner and outer rings of a pair of bearings to clamp the bearings together, so that the steel balls and the raceway are clamped together. obtained in close contact. This is because the size of the preload has a great influence on the service life of the bearing. Therefore, it is very important to reasonably select the size of the preload of the angular contact ball bearing. Generally, a small preload can be selected at high speed, and a large preload can be selected at low speed. At the same time, the preload should be slightly greater than or equal to the axial working load.


After passing the assembly inspection, the angular contact ball bearing shall be tested for idling at the working speed, the time shall not be less than 2h, and the temperature rise shall not exceed 15℃. Today, the installation method is introduced here, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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