The problem of replacing lubricating grease in INA automotive bearings


Due to the long-term high-speed rotation of automobile […]

Due to the long-term high-speed rotation of automobile bearings, the replacement requirements for bearing grease are stricter.


The two major issues related to the maintenance of automotive bearings are when to change the grease and how much oil should be changed. If the INA bearing replaces too much grease, it will easily cause the bearing to become high temperature when it rotates rapidly; if the grease is changed too little, the bearing will get into trouble or temporarily Harm to power coils and winding wires. The lubrication interval has a simple premise: the reasonable operation of the equipment is maintained under the condition that the bearing does not stop due to drying and disintegration. This is a fixed concept of prevention. But the balance between lubrication hunger and excessive lubrication must be maintained. Lubrication plans are based on time. Equipment suppliers usually make lubrication plans based on operating hours. Imported bearings and equipment suppliers often add guidance on the amount of lubricant during the maintenance plan. 


Bearing clamping force adjustment: In order to prevent possible occurrence in the process of bearing rotation and axial movement, in addition to interference and stopping parts, INA bearings must also be used to compress automobile bearing covers. The measurement method is the same as the measurement method. Thickness of the soft wire, clamping force, can be used to calculate the bearing (bearing elastic deformation, compression)


Compression force of 0.02 to 0.04 mm for general bearings. If the clamping force does not meet the standard, you can increase or decrease the thickness of the bearing and joint bearing adjustment gasket in the method, and tile filling is not allowed.


In addition to the radial clearance of the INA bearing, to ensure, the axial clearance should also be guaranteed. To detect the axial clearance, the shaft will move to an extreme position, and then use a feeler gauge or dial indicator to measure the position of the shaft, the runout from one extreme to the other extreme, and the axial clearance.


When the clearance of the automobile bearing does not meet the requirements, it should be adjusted. The radial clearance of split bearings is often used for shimming (headspace). It is very rare to change the lubricant in a short time. However, more grease is often added. If it is required to change the lubricant every two to three weeks, add one ounce of grease each time. These suggestions caused him to build on some unknowing factors that had no practical significance at the beginning. Now the bearing quality is better, no matter what kind of bearing. It is also necessary to replace the grease during operation. Although the bearing will not be replaced for a certain period of time, there will be no problems, but if the grease is not replaced for a long time, the life of the imported bearing will be affected. Pay attention to changing grease for INA bearings. The car bearings will run well only after the oil is changed.

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