The importance of correct selection of lubricating oil for INA roller bearings


Improper way can also cause the roller bearing to heat […]

Improper way can also cause the roller bearing to heat up. Lubrication can reduce the wear in the movement of parts, ensure the accuracy of the press, and reduce energy consumption. Lubrication is divided into thin oil lubrication and thick oil lubrication. Thin oil lubrication: The advantage is that the internal friction coefficient is small, so the energy consumption to overcome the friction is less, the thin oil has good fluidity, easy to enter the friction surface of each lubrication point, has good cooling effect, and can adhere to the friction surface The impurities and metal particles produced by grinding are carried away. The disadvantage is that the oil film cannot withstand large unit pressures and has high requirements for sealing. High-speed presses generally use large-flow thin oil lubrication, which can take away the heat generated by each friction pair.


The criteria for the correct selection of lubricants include the type and size of the bearing, temperature, speed, load, and expected service life and relubrication intervals.


The initial radial clearance of the INA bearing is gradually reduced during the push-in process, and the amount of push-in determines the degree of fit. Therefore, the initial radial clearance of the roller bearing must be measured before installation. In the process of pushing in the bearing, the radial clearance is continuously measured until the required reduction in radial clearance and the ideal interference fit are achieved.

Because temperature is affected by lubrication, speed, load, and environment. The role of bearing lubrication Lubrication has an important impact on the fatigue life and friction, wear, temperature rise, vibration, etc. of rolling bearings. Without normal lubrication, INA bearings cannot work. Analysis of the causes of bearing damage shows that about 40% of bearing damage is related to poor lubrication. Therefore, good lubrication of roller bearings is an effective measure to reduce bearing friction and wear. In addition, the lubrication of the bearing also has multiple functions such as heat dissipation, rust prevention, sealing, and impact mitigation. The role of INA bearing lubrication can be briefly described as follows:


a. A layer of oil film is formed between the two rolling surfaces or sliding surfaces that are in contact with each other to separate the two surfaces, reducing friction and wear on the contact surfaces.
b. When using oil lubrication, especially when using circulating oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil spray lubrication, the lubricating oil can take away most of the friction heat inside the bearing and play an effective role in heat dissipation.
c. When using grease lubrication, it can prevent foreign matter such as external dust from entering the bearing and play a sealing role.
d. Lubricants have the effect of preventing metal corrosion.
e. Extend the fatigue life of roller bearings.

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