Adjust the radial clearance accuracy error of SKF roller bearings


The measurement error of SKF bearings should be less th […]

The measurement error of SKF bearings should be less than 10% of the tolerance. The general measurement error is 10% to 33% of the difference in combat power. With the increase of the tolerance level, the larger the proportion of error, that is, the smaller the tolerance, the higher the proportion of error, and the tolerance of imported bearings Above IT5, it is difficult to reach 10%. The measurement error does not mean that the inspection tolerance can be relaxed by 10%, but a certain safety margin must be given to ensure that the user is qualified according to the standard acceptance.


In each process of bearing parts processing, in order to obtain the size, shape and position accuracy of the bearing surface, the machine tool, fixture and tool must be adjusted. Any adjustment work will inevitably bring certain errors. In machining, the production batch and machining accuracy of roller bearing parts are often different, and the adjustment methods used are also different.



These stages in the bearing life cycle are very important to obtain the maximum service life of SKF bearings. Through the correct implementation of maintenance and the use of appropriate tools, you can significantly extend the service life of roller bearings and increase factory productivity and production efficiency. During operation, including temperature, noise, speed and vibration measuring instruments, it is important to use basic condition monitoring methods to regularly check the condition of the bearing, such as temperature, vibration and noise measurement. Regular inspections can find potential failures and help prevent unplanned downtime. Therefore, it is possible to arrange an equipment maintenance plan that is consistent with the production plan to improve the productivity and production efficiency of the factory.


The commonly used methods to adjust the bearing radial clearance are as follows:

1. The top clearance of cylindrical and elliptical bushes can be adjusted by hand grinding or padding the middle of SKF bearings when the situation permits.

2. For the multi-oil wedge tilting bearing, it is not allowed to repair the scraping pad. If the clearance is not suitable, replace the inline pad. For tiles with adjustable thickness, the amount of tile can be adjusted by adding a stainless steel pad under the adjusting block behind the tile, or by reducing the thickness of the adjusting block. Note that for multi-oil wedge tiltable bearings, the thickness error between the same group of tiles should be less than 0.01mm.

3. For multi-oil wedge fixed bearing shells, in principle, it is not allowed to repair or adjust the bearing shell gap. If the gap is not suitable, replace the new bearing shell.

4. The backlash of cylindrical and elliptical bushes can be adjusted by hand grinding or scraping after the splitting of SKF bearings.

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