About INA roller bearing temperature rise phenomenon processing method


In order to extend its service life, we need to pay att […]

In order to extend its service life, we need to pay attention to many tiny details in daily use and maintenance, and better maintain and maintain INA bearings.


The obvious phenomenon of temperature rise of roller bearings has the following two situations:
1. There is an alarm bell ringing
2. Issue a fault signal that the temperature of the INA bearing has increased.
3. The mechanical failure of the water wheel on the machine side plate lights up, the temperature of the meter indicating the temperature of the roller bearing rises, and the signal relay operates.
4. The black needle of the thermometer plate (expansion type thermometer) overlaps with the yellow needle or exceeds the yellow needle.

When the temperature of the roller bearing increases, first judge whether there is a malfunction, if it does increase, you should do the following in time:
1. First check whether the cooling water pressure, water flow and piping system are normal. If the water pressure is low, it may be that the filter is clogged. When it cannot be processed in time, it can be shut down for processing. When it is confirmed that it can work, it can be put into use.
2. Check the oil pressure of the governor. If the oil pressure is low, the cooling water hydraulic valve may close.
3. Check whether there is any abnormal sound in the roller bearing, and check whether the swing of the roller bearing is abnormal.
4. Take an oil sample to observe whether the oil color has changed, and conduct a laboratory test to see whether it has deteriorated. When the deterioration is confirmed, the machine should be shut down and replaced with new oil.
5. Check the oil level and if it is not correct, check whether the oil tank drain valve is tightly closed. If it has been closed tightly, oil should be refilled. If oil leakage of the sealing rubber gasket occurs, the machine should be shut down for processing.

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