Main factors of bearing bad


1. Metal rust occurs. If there is a lack of lubrication […]

1. Metal rust occurs. If there is a lack of lubrication, it is easy to be oxidized, rust. Prevent the rust of the bearing, do not use blisters. Bearings are made of steel, but they are afraid of water. When taking the bearing with your hand, you should fully wash the sweat in your hand, and apply it to the high-quality mineral oil and then operate, especially in the rainy season, especially paying attention to rust.


The specific reasons for the natural rust wear of the bearing are mainly the following:
Oxidation wear. Its friction outside the micro-peak valley is extruded to each other, making the brittle surface layer gradually and wear. The micro peak valley of the bearing relative to the present surface is generated with oxidative synthesis in the air, which is extremely easy to fall off in the friction, and the abrasion is referred to as oxidative wear.

Friction and heat worn. When the bearing is working in the case of high-speed heavy load and poor lubrication, the outer peak valley is generated due to friction, the contact point hardness and the wear resistance are decreased, and even adhesion, tear phenomenon. This wear is referred to as frictional heat worn.

Hard particle wear. If the bearing is in relative movement. The outer surface of the bearing movement is uneven, there is hard particles, or the exercise outer surface of the bearing falls into sand, a color, a crush and other impurities, and the bearing is in relative movement, the hard grains or impurities will bruze the outer surface of the bearing even form a trench. This wear is called hard particle wear.

Pixabavisor. Rolling contacts of gears, bearings, etc., periodically subjected to a large contact pressure, long-term function, and metal outer tables during the relative process, so that micro cracks and abuse occurs on the outer surface of the bearing, which is referred to as pitting wear.

Causes the wear caused by rusty or corrosion, chemical corrosion. The outer surface of the bearing is eroded by an acid, a base, a salt liquid or a harmful gas. Accelerate the wear process, which is called the wear caused by chemical corrosion.

Due to temporary contact with liquid or harmful gases such as water, acid, alkali, salt, corrosion damage: Non-motion bearing on the device. Caused by rust or corroded, it is called corrosion damage.


2. The bearings are too large or improper. It is not possible to exceed the load of the bearing when used. If a car may be pulling too heavy, it is easy to damage the bearing. Therefore, the truck is more than the car than the car, that is, many parts can't live.


3. The bearing swap is too small. When the car front wheel is the oblique bearing, it is necessary to adjust the gap, which will cause an abnum, the transfer, the wheel shake. Tight will accelerate the wear. Both are not good. I am not good. I am unfavorable. For old bearings, It is necessary to check if the ball surface has burr, scratches, cracks. The radial gap of the old bearing, whether the axial clearance is qualified, generally only the radial gap is measured. For new bearings, first check if the bearing model is correct. Radial gap standard of rolling bearings Refer to Table 1. For example, the model 6318 deep groove ball bearing, the bearing is 90mm, and the radial gap range is from 0.016 to 0.046 mm, and the maximum amount of bearing can be found to be 0.25 mm.


4. Use inferior bearings. The production of bearings is produced in some small plants. The production process cannot be required, and the shaft or bearing box is poor. The bearing steel has not been treated, and it is precipitated. So the bearing produced is not durable.


5. Reckless driving may also lead to the car bearing, but this reason is a bit awkward. If it is not careful, other parts will be bad than the bearing.


6. Poor installation. Installing the bearing is to follow the installation step of the bearing, do not barbaric installation and disassembly. Whether to install the bearings correctly, it is about the life of the bearing, so everyone must pay attention. Avoid direct use of your hand when installing the bearing, because the sweat in your hand can cause rust, do not ignore the small link. When the bearing is installed, the most important thing is to be strong stamping, not allowing the hammer to tap the bearing, not afraid of being broken, but afraid of the deformation, the bearing cannot be used. There is also no pressure through the rolling body.


7. Foreign object invasion. Try to use special tools, try to avoid using things like cloth classes and short fibers to avoid unnecessary damage to the bearing from fine fibers. For example, when installing the bearing, the staff used the copper rod to knock in the method, which is easy to cause the bearing axial force to be uneven, causing the retaining of the retaining, the rolling body is damaged, the swag is large, and the copper rod is in the process of tapping, The copper flying into the bearing cage, which is easy to cause bearing failure. There is also the process of use


8. The hardness caused by abnormal high temperatures, metallic organizational or chemical composition changes, so that the wear resistance of the outer table is lowered, and the wear process is accelerated. This wear is called the wear caused by high temperature. Wear caused by high temperature effect. The bearing is temporarily working in a high temperature state.



9. The bearing and the amount of oil in the box can cause the bearing roller to slip, causing the roller by rolling friction, damage the bearing roller, due to too much bearing oil, the free space in the bearing box is small, the operation of the bearing The temperature will rise, the grease is reduced, the rolling body lubricating oil film is thin, the lubrication condition is poor, which is easy to cause the bearing, the surface slip, and shorten the life of the bearing. In general, the motor end cover side is provided with a bearing oil chamber. According to the speed of the motor, the bearing chamber can be improved by the following standard: When the motor rotation speed is <1500r / min, the amount of oil is 2/3 of the bearing chamber volume. The rotational speed is 1/2 of the bearing chamber volume when the speed is between 1500 and 3000 r / min. When the speed> 3000r / min should be less than or equal to 1/3 of the bearing volume. During the actual work, the bearing of high temperature and high speed should be used to increase the amount of the motor oil cover, and the oil supply can be increased, and the motor bearing operation can be improved.


10. For bearings with insulated design, pay attention to ensuring insulation. If the bearing insulation is destroyed, the very thin bearing oil film will be broken by the axial electric pressure. After the oil film breaks, not only makes the rolling body lubricant conditions, but also generated electric sparks to form electrochiometry to the bearing roller, causing a rolling body The surface is not preferential, and the wear of the bearing is accelerated.


Bearing position wear is so repaired. The solution is to rehabilitate the use of conditions or reselect the bearings, observe the gaps and check the machining precision between the shaft and the bearing strip, check the design, study and check the method of the bearing and the method of lubricant, lubrication.

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