Bearing high low speed operation


Bearings is an indispensable part of many mechanical pa […]

Bearings is an indispensable part of many mechanical parts, and the performance of the bearing directly affects mechanical use performance, so many people will also pay attention to the performance of this bearing when purchasing mechanical equipment, where the bearing is high and low speed operation. For the use of bearings, there is a decisive role, and the decomposition of the bearing is highly low-speed operation.


It is divided into two high-speed bearings and low-speed bearings, and these bearings take a very important status in our current industrial field, and even drive the development of an industry. We usually drive in the car home. Various electrical facilities have the presence of bearings.


What is the difference between the high-speed and low-speed bearings? Many friends may misunderstand him, not the speed of the bearing itself, but the structure inside the bearing is different, and the bearing belongs to the speed of high speed or low speed to be divided. Many low-speed bearing minutes can also reach tens of thousands, and some high-speed bearings, it is only a few hundred more than a number of numbers per minute. In addition to their names and their line speeds, there is a point that is different from their structures to rotate, and generally, in general, the portion of the low speed bearing is circular, some are cylinders. The shape is even tapered, and the portion of the high-speed rotating bearing is mainly a shaft tile.

At the same time, there are also some differences from the appearance. Generally, the bearing of low speeds, his appearance should be more rough, and the joints between parts and parts should be loose, high-speed bearings in order to ensure its accuracy and Its precision is generally very smooth on the surface, and the distance between the inner ring and the outer ring is small, and its own accuracy will be much higher.


Another point is that there is a little difference between the material, the high-speed and low speed bearings, and the high-speed bearing is generally used very high hardness steel, which can withstand the pressure of too high speeds of parts, and general ordinary If the bearing is relatively low, it is a common material that does not need to bear too much pressure, so the hardness of the material and the durability requirements of the material are also reduced.


Whether it is a low speed or a high-speed bearing, it has been designed for precision design, and after repeated inspection. Although its parts themselves are very small, his technological innovation and changing often can drive a development of an industry, and it is still not to be underestimated. So if we use the part of the device in our daily use, it must be aware that you should not be broken, otherwise it may take a lot of repairs.

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