Bearing position wear is so repaired method / step


1. Do a good job in pre-preparatory work, that is, the […]

1. Do a good job in pre-preparatory work, that is, the equipment is disassembled to ensure adequate construction space and safety work environment;


2. Preliminary cleaning of the axis surface, so that the oil in the bearing and the surface of the positioning surface is clean, and remove the high point, burrs, rust layers, etc., using 99.7% absolute ethanol to clean the bearing surface, ensure a non-fouling, Dry;


3. Wipe clean the inside and outside the mold, the inner surface, discharge tank, bolt, bolt hole, positioning pin, the positioning pin hole, the thinner, the better, dry and ready for drying;


4. Strictly follow the scale ratio 2: 1 adjustable material SD7101H, adjust and sufficiently color difference, rapidly disconate the adjustable material to the surface of the bearing;


5. Install the mold quickly in place, fasten the bolt and mount the positioning pin. Note the mold during the mounting mold, avoid the axial direction of the mold, and tap the mold in the direction of the rubber hammer in the process of fastening the mold, so that the material distribution is more uniform, while avoiding the modification of the mold;


6. Material curing: When the ambient temperature is 24 ° C, it is recommended to remove the mold time of no more than 4 hours; the ambient temperature is 24 ° C or less, it is recommended to use iodine tungsten lamp heating for no less than 3 hours;


7. Care should be cautious when removing the mold, avoiding material damage or falling during the removal process, after the mold is removed, use the saw blade or the slide to remove the excess material extruded at the discharge tank while grinding it below the overall surface;

8. Assembly parts: When assembling the part, it is recommended that the fitting surface of the recommended part is pre-thin-thin, and the bearing surface is thinly applied to a layer of material, which is strictly installed in accordance with the assembly process.


The formation and reasons for studying the damage of rolling bearing are important. On the one hand, it can improve the use of how to use the bearing, and the bearing is used to give full play to the accessibility of the bearing, and on the other hand, it helps to develop better new products with better performance. In addition to describing the precautions in the use of rolling bearing, the installation method, operation monitoring, etc., also focusing on the form and causes of bearing damage and the countermeasures should be taken.


The life of the bearing has a certain period of life. If we use it, pay attention to the above usage, the bearing will give full play to its role. The brand bearing of the general regular manufacturer provides three packs. If it is a quality problem, you can transfer to the corresponding store. General stores have this service.

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