How to identify a bad wheel bearing? A good way to extend the life of wheel bearings


Some people ask: "car noise, speed up the noise is goin […]

Some people ask: "car noise, speed up the noise is going to become larger, which is not the wheel bearing kits is damaged?" It may be, for the wheel bearing is bad judgment method, we are now to learn how to easily determine whether the noise is caused by damage to the wheel bearing.


A simple way to identify a broken wheel bearing

The car in the process of driving, if you hear a humming sound, when we speed up the humming sound will be with the faster the car and the sound is louder, we can speed up to a certain extent, the car to the state of neutral coasting, if the humming sound or no change, then you can judge the tire bearing problems.

Sometimes people who do not understand, not sensitive to this sound, feel that it does not affect the car to continue to drive, it will not bother, this will cause great consequences. What are the consequences if the wheel bearing is broken and not repaired to continue driving? Bearing clearance after driving the wheel will swing around, will not only affect the stability, but also make the tire wear unevenly, jagged wear, running high-speed will be more unstable and make a humming noise. After a long time, the bearing wears badly and breaks down completely, not only the tire can not rotate normally, but also a relatively large deflection, which is more dangerous.



How long is the general service life of the wheel bearings?

This depends on how we maintain, generally all the parts of the car can rotate can move to have lubrication, or wear quickly. Some are liquid lubricating oil, which needs to be replaced regularly, and some are lubricating grease, which does not need to be replaced. For example, the half-shaft ball cage, the steering machine cross tie rod outside the ball head, are lubricating grease, as long as the rubber sleeve wrapped in these grease is not broken and make grease leakage, are lifelong do not need to be replaced.

If the rubber sleeve is damaged, both the grease and the rubber sleeve should be replaced, because if not, the grease will be thrown out and eventually the grease will be lacking leading to poor lubrication. Bearings are often an important part of the tire, and in order to keep the car safe, regular maintenance and replacement of the bearings is key. If properly maintained, the bearings of a car can generally be used for about 100,000 kilometers without problems.


A good way to extend the life of wheel bearings

Wheel bearing damage, simply put, is the lack of lubricant, dry friction. The lack of lubricant is caused by two factors. 1, the amount of oil is not much, plus the loss of use. 2, there is water into, resulting in grease deterioration, lack of the original lubricating effect.

Therefore, in order to let the tire bearing have a longer service life, we have to maintain it regularly, clean the stains on the bearing, check whether the bearing is running well and replace the grease. Thus, we can ensure the service life of the wheel bearings, generally well maintained, the car's bearings do not need to be replaced.

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