What are the ways of bearing lubrication?


Common bearings in the process of use, generally need t […]

Common bearings in the process of use, generally need to be lubricated, but for the need to lubricate the bearings, many people will ask what are the ways to lubricate the bearings? What are the ways of bearing lubrication? There are mainly 11 ways to lubricate the bearings.


One, manual lubrication
This is the most primitive method, in the case of insufficient lubricating oil in the bearing, using the oiler to supply oil. But this method is difficult to keep the oil quantity certain, because of negligence forget to refuel the danger is greater, usually only used for light load, low speed or intermittent motion occasions, the best operation, set up a dust cover or ball valve on the refueling hole, and use felt, cotton, wool, etc. for filtering device.


Second, drip point lubrication
Usually used for circumferential speed less than 4 ~ 5m / s light and medium load bearing, from the container through the hole, needle, valve, etc. supply roughly for quantitative lubricating oil, the most classic is drip oil cup, drip oil amount with the lubricant viscosity, bearing clearance and oil supply hole location is different with significant changes.


Three, oil ring lubrication
By hanging on the shaft and can rotate the ring will oil pool of lubricating oil to the bearing (only can be used for lying shaft lubrication method), suitable for shaft diameter greater than 50mm medium speed and high speed bearings, oil ring is best seamless, bearing width diameter ratio is less than 2, can only use an oil ring, otherwise need to use two oil ring.


Fourth, oil rope lubrication
Relying on the capillary tube of oil rope and the siphoning effect will lead the lubricating oil in the oil cup to the bearing, mainly used for light and medium load bearing with circumferential speed less than 4~5m/s, in addition, the oil rope can play the role of filtering in the whole process.


Five, oil pad lubrication
Using the capillary role of the oil pad, the oil pool of lubricating oil to the shaft diameter surface, this method can make the friction surface often keep clean, but the dust can also block the capillary pores cause insufficient oil supply. Oil pad lubrication of the oil supply is usually only 1/20 of the oil lubrication.



Six, oil bath lubrication
This lubrication method is part of the bearing immersed in lubricating oil, commonly used in the vertical axis of the thrust bearing, and not for the horizontal axis of the radial bearing.


Seven, splash lubrication
Depending on the oil tank in the rotating parts of the clap and splash up the lubricant supply bearings, suitable for higher speed bearings.


Eight, spray lubrication
Lubricant atomization after spraying in the friction surface of the lubrication method, suitable for high-speed bearings.


Nine, pressure supply lubrication
By the pressure of the lubrication pump to the bearing oil supply, from the bearing out of the lubricant recovery to the oil pool for recycling, is the most oil supply and the most stable lubrication method, suitable for high-speed, heavy load, important sliding bearings.


Ten, circulating oil lubrication
The oil pump is used to transport the filtered oil to the bearing parts, and the lubricant after passing the bearing is filtered and cooled again and then used. Because the circulating oil can take away a certain amount of heat, so that the bearing cooling, so this method is suitable for higher speed bearing components.


Eleven, spray lubrication
Use oil pump to shoot high-pressure oil into the bearing through the nozzle, and the oil shot into the bearing flows into the oil tank through the other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at high speed, the rolling body and cage also rotate at a fairly high speed so that the air around the formation of airflow, with the general lubrication method is difficult to lubricant to the bearing, then it is necessary to use high-pressure injection method to spray lubricant to the bearing, the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the cage center.

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