What to do when the inner ring of needle roller bearing is damaged and the reasons and countermeasures of bearing fracture


The broken state of needle roller bearings mainly has t […]

The broken state of needle roller bearings mainly has the following four aspects:
1. The symmetrical part of the track is broken in the circumferential direction;
2. Fracture near the rail surface and the end of the roller;
3. The interval between the rolling elements on the track is broken;
4. Early fracture of track surface and rolling elements;

The cause of the needle roller bearing's fracture is also different according to the damage state of the bearing. For needle roller bearings with broken symmetrical parts in the circumferential direction of the track, the roundness of the shaft hole may be poor;For needle roller bearings broken near the track surface and roller ends, the cause of damage may be poor installation, shaft deflection, and poor centering. The accuracy of the shaft hole is poor. For needle roller bearings whose rolling element spacing on the track is broken, the cause of damage may be a large impact load during installation and rust when stopping operation; for the track surface and rolling elements, the early fracture of the needle roller bearing is the cause of damage The gap is too small, too large, and poor lubrication. Rust etc.

Needle bearing damage is not terrible, we need to find the problem and solve the problem, if it is because the roundness of the needle bearing shaft hole is not good, the accuracy of the inner diameter surface of the shaft hole needs to be corrected.

Poor installation, poor accuracy, and heavy load must be carefully installed, carefully centered, and corrected the right angle of the shaft and the shoulder of the shaft hole. Anti-rust treatment should be carried out when the operation is stopped for a long time. If it is the corrosion caused by the gap and poor lubrication, you can choose the appropriate fit, the bearing gap, and the correct choice of lubricant.

Needle roller bearings have very important advantages, and the characteristics of needle roller bearings are continuously improved. Needle roller bearings have been trusted by many customers. They face the damage encountered during the operation of needle roller bearings. Problems must be dealt with calmly. If the corresponding suppliers cannot be contacted in time, the problems encountered must also be handled well. Damage to the inner ring of needle roller bearings needs to be dealt with, and the following steps need to be followed.



First, check the damaged parts of the needle bearing. The inner ring of the roller bearing is damaged, whether the outer ring is completely broken, the inner ring is seriously damaged, or the axial cracking is analyzed.

Second, the damage to the needle roller bearing is also considered. The damage of the needle roller bearing also has the role of selecting the lubricating oil. If the selected direction is correct, then the situation indicated is bearing lubrication There is no wrong choice of oil, so in the course of using the bearing product, it is still because the bearing has not received good design standards in terms of design. Needle roller bearing products still need a lot of special design in the process. If they are not handled well, they will bring adverse reactions to customers.

Third, whether the damage of the needle roller bearing is due to the high temperature, in many cases, the needle roller bearing products are damaged due to this factor in many cases during the use process. Of course, in this process, the result that cannot be ignored is that the hardness of the needle roller bearing has been continuously degraded which cannot be ignored after the bearing product is damaged. Needle roller bearing products are greatly in need of protection in this respect, and this aspect has been well verified. The good operation of needle roller bearings is the most important.

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