What kinds of bearings are common in bicycles?


Bicycles are the most common in people’s lives and the […]

Bicycles are the most common in people’s lives and the oldest among mechanical bicycles. In our previous lives, as long as we were traveling, we couldn’t do without our two-eight bar bicycles. At that time, the most famous bicycle was The Flying Pigeon bicycle is still resistant to riding. It is no problem to bring four or five people. Nowadays, many bicycles basically cannot carry people, and the bicycle will make a creak after riding for a while. This is why the bicycles in the past are resistant to riding, but now the bicycles always have bearing problems? What are the working principles of the bearing?


Both the front and rear wheel bearings rotate on the outer ring, which is equivalent to a double row angular contact ball bearing.

The rear wheel bearing mainly bears the rotating load; the front wheel bearing mainly bears the fixed load.


The bicycle is driven by a chain. The pedal drives the front sprocket and transmits it to the rear sprocket. The chain gives the rear wheel a torque to drive the rear wheel to rotate. The rear wheel and the outer ring of the bearing are fixed together. The steel ball rotates and revolves, and the inner ring is stationary.


The forward force gives a torque to the front wheel. The outer ring of the front wheel bearing and the front wheel rotate together, and the steel ball rotates and revolves to move forward.


When cornering, the front wheel bearing bears the tilting torque on one side.


Because a safety clutch is installed on the bearing (consisting of star wheels, balls, springs, etc.), when pedaling forward, there is a spring against the balls to make the bearing and gear chain run synchronously. When falling backward, the spring is squeezed When it is shortened, the ball retreats, so the chain gear rotates backward, but the bearing (wheel) does not



Reasons for using balls instead of bearings for bicycle wheels:

1. The loose ball (ball) structure is easy to maintain, and the wheel set using industrial bearings requires special tools to be disassembled when replacing the bearings.

2. The loose ball (ball) structure is actually a kind of bearing, called angular contact bearing, whose mechanical properties are more perfect than industrial bearings. But the sealing performance is poor and it is easy to enter the dust.

3. The steering performance of wheels with loose ball (ball) structure is better.

Now that we understand the working principle of bicycle bearings, we also know how to solve the problems related to bearings in our current bicycles. Bearings are an indispensable part of machinery, which determines the running performance of a machinery, and it is always indispensable. Ignore.

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