Symptoms, Causes and Detection of Automobile Rear Wheel Bearing Damage


With the development of the times, more and more people […]

With the development of the times, more and more people are driving, and bearings are also important parts of automobiles. For example, bearings are used on automobile wheels and engines. If you can drive, you may not understand the damage symptoms of components. Let's take a look at some knowledge about automotive wheel bearings.


A driver who repaired the car said to the car mechanic: "After the vehicle is started, it is normal when it is stationary, but once the vehicle starts to drive, the noise will be much louder, especially when accelerating, the faster the speed is. , the louder the noise, the more a headache, is there something wrong with the engine?" Not all.


After inspection by the car mechanic, it was concluded that the vehicle engine and gearbox were normal, and the rear wheel bearing of the car was found to be damaged.


In response to this phenomenon, China Bearing Network shares the relevant symptoms of car rear wheel bearing damage, the cause of the bearing damage, and some knowledge on how to check whether the wheel bearing is damaged, hoping to help the majority of car-loving friends, in order to travel safely , if the vehicle is faulty, we will find it as soon as possible and deal with it in time.


The performance of the rear wheel bearing of the car is broken


The abnormal noise is the main manifestation of the damaged rear wheel bearing of the car. To judge whether the rear wheel bearing of the car is broken, you can speed up the car and slide in neutral. If the buzzing sound does not change, then the rear wheel bearing is broken. If it is broken, it will generate a lot of heat. You can park the car on the side of the road after driving for a period of time, touch the hub and axle with your hand, and you can feel that the temperature is significantly higher than the normal temperature. Another point is that when the speed is fast, you can feel the fine vibration on the soles of your feet.



There are several main reasons for the damage of the rear wheel bearing of the car:
Parts are damaged and rusted, and foreign objects enter or the escalator is deflected, which will cause damage. Acidic liquid and moisture will remain rusted for a long time, which will also cause parts to rust.


Poor lubrication, if the lubricating grease between the rolling element and the raceway is insufficient, the two will produce dry friction, resulting in abnormal noise of metal friction.


distance problem. There is a suitable gap between the parts and parts of the car, and when the distance between the roller body and the roller table is small, it is easy to friction and heat, causing the bearing to sinter.


The detection of automobile wheel bearings is actually not complicated.


The first step is to lift the vehicle with a lift, suspend the wheels and release the handbrake;
In the second step, when detecting the non-driven wheel, you can manually rotate the wheel from slow to fast to check whether the bearing has noise;
The third step, when testing the drive wheels, start the vehicle and let the wheels spin, and check the bearings for extra noise.


There is also a special situation that needs attention. Some bearing faults cannot be heard only by the idling of the tires. The car must be dropped on the ground to put the bearing under pressure before an accurate judgment can be made.

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