Summary of precautions for maintenance of INA clutch bearings


Wipe the cleaned imported bearings with a dry rag, and […]

Wipe the cleaned imported bearings with a dry rag, and then soak them in anti-rust oil. During this process, the clutch bearing should be completely in contact with the anti-rust oil, and the INA bearing should be rotated continuously, so that the oil film formed by the anti-rust oil can cover the surface of the bearing and achieve the purpose of anti-rust.


First, put the bearing in gasoline and clean it to wipe off the sludge and dust remaining on the imported bearing. All rusty INA bearings should be gently polished with metallographic sandpaper until there is no roughness in the hand.


Next, use lithium-based grease and butter, which should be evenly coated on the surface of the clutch bearing, including the inner and outer rings, wheels, and cage. And the bearing is rotated while wiping, so that the butter really enters the inside of the imported bearing and has a full lubrication effect.

1. Before measuring the imported bearing, the surface to be measured and the working surface of the level must be wiped clean to prevent incorrect measuring of the bearing or scratching the working surface.

2. When using the level meter to measure and operate the imported bearing, it is necessary to hold the handshake of the instrument, do not touch the bubble glass tube or breathe the bubbles, so as not to affect the reading accuracy of the level meter. When looking at the level, the line of sight must be aligned vertically with the bubble glass tube, otherwise the reading will be inaccurate.

3. When measuring the clutch bearing, the spirit level should be handled gently, put it upright and stable, and it is not allowed to drag the working surface of the spirit level around the surface of the measuring equipment. When hitting the horn, the spirit level must be picked up. When checking the plumbness of the equipment façade, apply the force evenly against the equipment façade.

4. When measuring INA bearings, when the spirit level is taken from a low temperature to a high temperature, it should not be used immediately, nor should it be used under strong light or sunlight. After use, wipe it with a thin white cloth, coat it with a thin layer of engine oil, and put it in a special box for safekeeping.

The last process is packaging. In order to save costs, we "turn waste into treasure", cut the discarded cement packaging bags from the warehouse into suitable size packaging bags, wrap and wrap the imported bearings, mark the specifications and models of the clutch bearings, and put them back on the shelf for storage.

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