Solution to heating of rolling bearing


The shaft parts of the machine tool, especially the mai […]

The shaft parts of the machine tool, especially the main shaft, are generally assembled with rolling bearings or sliding bearings and rotate at a high speed, sometimes generating high heat. If this phenomenon is not eliminated in time, it will cause the bearing to overheat and cause the temperature of the corresponding part of the machine tool to rise and produce thermal deformation. Burn out the bearing.

Causes of heating of rolling bearings and their elimination methods
(1) Reason: low bearing accuracy
Method: Select the bearing with the specified accuracy class.

(2) Reason: The spindle is bent or the box hole is not concentric
Method: Repair the main shaft or box.

(3) Reason: The belt is too tight
Method: Adjust the belt to make it tight.

(4) Reason: poor lubrication
Method: Choose lubricating materials of specified grades and clean them appropriately.

(5) Reason: low assembly quality
Method: Improve assembly quality.

(6) Reason: The inner and outer shell of the bearing runs around
Method: Replace bearings and related wear parts.

(7) Too much axial force
Method: Clean and adjust the sealing ring gap between 0.2mm and 0.3mm, correct the diameter of the balance hole of the impeller and check the static balance value.

(8) Bearing damage
Method: Replace the bearing.

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