Selection and use of INA bearings


1. Selection of INA bearing model: INA bearing model is […]

1. Selection of INA bearing model: INA bearing model is generally selected by the user's technical personnel according to the use conditions and load bearing of the supporting product. The business personnel mainly understand whether the actual load of the user is in line with the selected INA bearing. If the INA bearing does not meet the requirements for use, the customer should be advised to change the model as soon as possible, but unless there is no problem in selecting the model for a special product.


2. The choice of INA bearing clearance: When purchasing INA bearings, users generally only tell what type and grade they are, and rarely ask for the clearance of INA bearings. Business personnel must ask about the use conditions of INA bearings and the INA bearings. The bearing speed, temperature and fit tolerance are directly related to the choice of INA bearing clearance. Generally, motors with speeds below 3500 rpm mostly use CM clearance, such as high-temperature and high-speed motors that require relatively large clearances. After assembly, the clearance of the INA bearing will be reduced due to the expansion of the inner hole and the shrinking of the outer circle. The reduction of the clearance = interference × 60% (except for the INA bearing housing is aluminum). For example, the clearance before assembly of the INA bearing is 0.01mm, and the interference during assembly is 0.01mm, then the clearance after assembly of the INA bearing is 0.004mm. In theory, the noise and life of the INA bearing reach the best state with zero clearance, but in actual operation, considering the temperature rise and other issues, the clearance of the INA bearing after assembly is 0.002mm-0.004mm.


3. The choice of grease: The choice of grease is generally based on the speed, temperature resistance, noise requirements and starting torque of the INA bearing. The business personnel are required to have a good understanding of the performance of various greases.


4. Selection of INA bearing seal type: INA bearing lubrication can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Oil-lubricated INA bearings are generally selected in the form of INA bearings, and grease-lubricated INA bearings are generally sealed with dust caps or rubber seals. The dust cover is suitable for high temperature or good use environment. The seals are divided into contact seal and non-contact seal. Contact seal has good dust resistance but large starting torque, and non-connected seal has small starting torque but sealing performance. No contact is good.

INA bearings are currently professionally manufactured in industries such as automotive motors INA bearings, home appliance motors INA bearings, motorcycles INA bearings, and health care motors INA bearings, so that the noise and life of INA bearings can reach the best state.



The types, types and sizes of INA bearings are diverse. In order to make the mechanical device play the expected performance, it is very important to choose the most suitable INA bearing. In order to select INA bearings, it is necessary to analyze many factors, research and evaluate the procedures for selecting INA bearings from various angles. There are no special specifications, but the general sequence is as follows:
(1) Master the use conditions of mechanical devices and INA bearings, etc.
(2) Clarify the requirements for INA bearings
(3) Select the type of INA bearing
(4) Select the INA bearing configuration method
(5) Select INA bearing size
(6) Select INA bearing specifications
(7) Select the installation method of INA bearings


The use conditions and environmental conditions of INA bearings
Correctly grasping the location of INA bearings in mechanical devices and the conditions of use and environmental conditions are the prerequisites for selecting suitable INA bearings. For this, it is necessary to obtain the following data and information:
(1) Function and structure of mechanical device
(2) Where to use INA bearings
(3) INA bearing load (size, direction)
(4) Rotation speed
(5) Vibration and shock
(6) INA bearing temperature (ambient temperature, temperature rise)
(7) Ambient atmosphere (corrosiveness, cleanliness, lubricity)


Selection of INA bearing configuration
Generally, the shaft is supported by two INA bearings in the radial and axial directions. At this time, the INA bearing on one side is called the fixed-side INA bearing. The role of relative axial displacement between INA bearing housings. The other side is called the free side, which only bears radial load, and can move relative to the axial direction, so as to solve the problem of the expansion and contraction of the shaft caused by temperature changes and the interval error of installing INA bearings.

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