Proportion of bearing failure forms


In the course of bearing use, there are many types of f […]

In the course of bearing use, there are many types of failure modes. Looking at the overall situation, the failure modes of the bearing can be divided into four types: improper assembly, improper lubrication, pollution and fatigue. When the bearing fails, what proportion does each of these failure modes account for?


1. Improper assembly-16%
Under normal circumstances, improper assembly of bearings accounted for 16%, and 16% of the premature failure of various bearings was caused by improper assembly (usually due to excessive force...) and incorrect use of assembly tools. Some equipment requires correct and effective installation and disassembly using mechanical, hydraulic or heating methods. The use of a full set of tools and equipment of various professional engineering service technologies makes these tools simple, fast and multiplied. Using special tools and technology for professional assembly is a solution to maximize machine running time.


2. Improper lubrication-36%
Improper lubrication of bearings generally accounts for 36%. Although various "maintenance-free" sealed bearings can be installed, 36% of prematurely failed bearings are still caused by incorrect technical application and improper use of grease. Any improperly lubricated bearing will inevitably fail prematurely before its normal service life. Since bearings are usually the most difficult parts of mechanical equipment to be installed and unloaded, problems will arise if they are not frequently lubricated. In the case that manual maintenance cannot be achieved, a fully automatic lubrication system is developed to achieve the best lubrication effect. As long as high-quality grease, tools and technology are used for effective lubrication according to requirements, it will help greatly reduce downtime.

3. Pollution-14%
Bearing contamination generally accounts for 14%. Bearings are precision parts. If the bearings and grease are contaminated, they will not operate effectively. In addition, since the maintenance-free sealed bearings that have been greased occupy only a small part of all the bearings in use, at least 14% of all prematurely failed bearings are caused by pollution problems. SKF has excellent bearing manufacturing and design capabilities , Can provide sealing solutions for a variety of harsh working environments.


4. Fatigue-34%
Bearing fatigue failure generally accounts for 34%. If the machine is overloaded, used or maintained improperly, the bearings will be affected, and 34% of the bearings that cause premature failure are caused by fatigue. Because the bearing will issue an "early warning" when it is improperly maintained or excessively stressed, condition monitoring equipment can be used for detection and analysis, so sudden or unplanned failures can be avoided.


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