Commonly used configuration of rolling mill bearings


(1) Spherical roller bearings. The configuration of ear […]

(1) Spherical roller bearings. The configuration of early rolling mill bearings on the rolling mill was different from that of today. At that time, two sets of spherical roller bearings were mainly installed on the same roll neck side by side. This configuration basically met the production conditions at that time, and the rolling speed could reach 600rpm. However, as the speed increases, its shortcomings become more and more prominent: short bearing life, high consumption, low finished product accuracy, serious roll neck wear, large axial movement of the roll, etc.



(2) Four-row cylindrical roller bearing + thrust bearing, the inner diameter of the cylindrical roller bearing and the roll neck are tightly fitted to withstand radial force, with large load capacity, high limit speed, high precision, and the inner and outer rings can be separated and mutually compatible. It has the advantages of easy replacement, easy processing, low production cost, and convenient installation and disassembly; the thrust bearing bears the axial force, and the specific structure type can be selected according to the characteristics of the rolling mill. When the load is heavy and the speed is low, it is equipped with a thrust roller bearing to bear the thrust load with a small axial clearance. When the rolling speed is high, with angular contact ball bearing, not only the limit speed is high, but also the axial clearance can be strictly controlled during operation. The rolls are tightly guided in the axial direction and can bear the general axial load force.


This type of bearing configuration not only has long bearing life, high reliability, but also has many advantages such as high precision and easy control of rolled products, so it is currently the most widely used, mostly used in wire rolling mills, sheet rolling mills, foil rolling mills, and double support rolls. Back-up rolls for cold rolling mills and hot rolling mills, etc.


(3) Four-row tapered roller bearing, tapered roller bearing can bear both radial force and axial force, no need to configure thrust bearing, so the main engine is more compact. The inner diameter of the tapered roller bearing adopts a loose fit with the roll neck, which is very convenient for installation and disassembly, but sometimes sliding creep may be caused due to the loose fit, so the inner diameter is often machined with a spiral oil groove. This configuration type is still widely used at present, such as the work rolls of four-high hot rolling mills and cold rolling mills, the rolls of billet mills, steel beam rolling mills and other occasions.

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