How do you judge the deformation of the hub


1. See if the steering wheel shakes We can't see the sl […]

1. See if the steering wheel shakes
We can't see the slight deformation with the naked eye, and we can't see the same deformation on the inside of the hub. At this time, if you drive fast and the steering wheel shakes, the wheel may be deformed. It is time to do dynamic balancing for safety.

Suitable for NISSAN Sunlight B13

2. Wheel hub warping
The wheel flanges are divided into inside flanges and outside flanges. You can see the outside flanges, but you can’t see the inside flanges, but you can pay attention to whether the steering wheel shakes or the tires will leak when the speed is high. If one of these two cases reappears, it must be deformed.

3. Cracking of the hub
The wheel hub will definitely be deformed if it is cracked by the big pit. At this time, when repairing the crack, the deformation must also be repaired.

4. Tire leak
If the tire leaks and the tire is not damaged, then the hub must be deformed, because the deformation of the hub will cause the tire to not be tightly coupled, resulting in air leakage.

5. Tire puncture continues to drive
If the tire puncture continues to be driven by force, then the wheel of the puncture tire will be deformed, which can be checked visually.

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