Bearing rust prevention management between processes


Metal is often exposed to dust, moisture, acid mist and […]

Metal is often exposed to dust, moisture, acid mist and other atmospheric environments during processing and will rust. After heat treatment, the residual salt is not cleaned, the acid cleaning and acid printing solution are not completely neutralized, and the demagnetization is not clean with grinding wheel powder and iron. Chips, hand sweat, etc. are very likely to cause bearing rust. Therefore, to ensure that the workpiece will not cause loss during the processing process, effective anti-rust measures must be taken for the bearing parts that stay in the process.



(1) Establish anti-rust warehouse, adopt mechanical spray method, spray 2-3 times per shift, 10-15 minutes each time, and concentrate anti-rust treatment on bearing parts.

(2) Clean all kinds of anti-rust equipment regularly, prepare anti-rust liquid, cleaning liquid, and cooling water in strict accordance with the process, conduct regular tests, adjustments, and replace them on schedule.

(3) Bearing parts that need to be inspected and ground must be demagnetized and cleaned with cleaning fluid before being put into storage for rust prevention.

(4) After the bearing parts are pickled or written acid, they must be cleaned, neutralized completely, and then treated with anti-rust water.

(5) It is forbidden to wash hands, wash cloths with cooling water, cleaning fluid, etc., to ensure the cleanliness and performance of the fluid, and to extend the life of the fluid.

(6) Do a good job in civilized production, ensure environmental sanitation, and eliminate hidden dangers of corrosion.

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